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Reviews for the Consort

Many life long memories created during this week! we were complete novices and found getting through Locks very challenging. I fell in the canal at the first stop- hilarious in retrospect but not at the time- I was stepping from the boat to the jetty to tie us up and the boat drifted outwards- the canal was not a pleasant place to be- our camera did not benefit from the experience! That day cost us an expensive camera and my husband's glasses which departed from his face when I threw a rope at him- c'est la vie!! Coming back we 'parked' our boat a little too close to the lock gates and as the water in the lock went down- the back of our boat remained wedged on the wooden gate- the front of the boat tipped down and all was not well! A rather angry lock keeper had to refill the lock so we could get our boat free and start the process all over again. Again- a great dinner party story now- but at the time serious stuff! Perhaps a little more instruction about getting through this challenging lock system would have helped- it looked very easy for everyone else!!
Boat was probably too small, even though there were just 2 of us. Having 2 bikes on board cramped the outdoor space- we would recommend the next model to allow more room for sitting outside once moored. The toilet definitely left a bit to be desired- we opted for onshore facilities where we could find them or even created our own!
An otherwise lovely holiday spoilt by an appalling boat that should not have been hired out! Most memorable moments: attempting to stop the water leaking through the deck and hatches from soaking our bedding!
It was appalling! Had it been in good condition, it would have been the ideal boat.
We cruised down stream from Chertsey to stay overnight at moorings very close to Hampton Court Palace. This enabled us to visit the palace the following morning, before setting off up stream. We then cruised up to Henley over the next three days, stopping at Runneymede, Windsor and Marlow on the way. We then returned to Chertsey over the next three days mooring overnight at Windsor and Maidenhead. Our visit to Hampton Court was probably the most memorable experience, but cruising the Thames was also a generally pleasing and memorable experience.
The boat was a great disappointment. It was old and tired, and in a generally poor state of repair. The bow rope was frayed and much critisised by the lock keepers. A bow cleat was broken and unusable. The service battery was clearly passed its best, because it could not keep the fridge chilled during the night, even after a day's cruising and it meant the lighting was not good enough to read by during the evenings. The heating gave up after the second day. The oven would not light easily, because the flame sensor was defective. There was no remote control for the TV; this could not be found before we started cruising. There were no instructions with the boat about its operation, although as experienced cruisers we did not need them. Finally, the bow cabin leaked very badly from the deck seams onto both bunks. This was where my 82 year old mother slept and this caused enormous difficulties.
Comment from 
LeBoat Customer Service
Dear Tony, We do have a rigorous maintenance and inspection procedure in place for all our boats and our turnaround team is usually very thorough in their preparations and checks. Obviously some items have been overlooked on this occasion and I apologize for this. The service battery, lines, heating, oven and leaky windows all should have been inspected more carefully and thoroughly. And, obviously, some of those items could have been easily replaced or better yet taken care of well before your charter was to start.