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Vision 3

Reviews for the Vision 3

A family group comprising 3 generations, including 3 pre-teens. We had cruised before with friends in the Canal du Midi.
The layout and facilities on the boat were excellent and perfect for our group of 2 grandparents, 2 adult daughters and 3 early teen girls. We would recommend it to others - having the kitchen at the front of the boat with a good view and plenty of room was perfect for family time. As a result of a big storm, the back deck flooded and water came close to flowing into the hall-way of the boat, which would have been disastrous. Fortunately we were there at the time and worked frantically to bail it out... the drain hole at the bottom of the steps leading into the boat is too small to clear high-volume rain. This was compounded by the shower recess in the 3rd bedroom not draining and overflowing into the bathroom, even if only a short shower was taken.
Very special itinerary. Beautiful scenery. Amazing Brugge. Comfortable, spacious, inviting boat. Excellent mooring locations in Brugge and Gent
The boat is very comfortable, excellent facilities and cabin accommodations. However there are certain technical disadvantages and problems during the voyage, namely: - joystick control during maneuvering has failed multiple times; - tent has collapsed under heavy rain; - water heater was working from a generator only, but not from a main diesel With joystick problem as a major safety issue, the rating goes much below expectation
We enjoyed the cathedral at Sens. The bed and breakfast for lunch at Port Yonne. Half the crew enjoyed running the boat. I was overall happy with the locale, but concerned about the frequent electrical problems. Our first one happen right after the first lock and we were dead in the water. Threw the anchor in order to not drift into the bridge ahead.
We had major electrical problems throughout. We managed to correct some through the advice of the base (the overview was done quickly and an engineer, accountant, and physician did not get it all). We did lose a day when a representative had to come out to get us going again. The next day we had to do 7 locks in eight hours to get to a place to return the boat more leisurely. That is where we lost a day and the wives were getting cabin fever. Low point of the trip.
Very good.
We enjoyed our choice of boat, the kitchen set-up was great with plenty of equipment which made providing for ourselves easy.