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The Little Alsace Cruise

Alsace-Lorraine, France

Reviews for the The Little Alsace Cruise

2 couples. Enjoyed our boating holiday. Loved all the sights, restaurants, shopping and people
Metz was a favourite. The round trip, although we couldn't do it due to a lock strike is very rushed to do in 2 weeks. We would recommend doing it in 3 weeks so there is much more time to enjoy the towns along the way.
It Rained most of the week, which was a real dampner, but the Plan incline d'Arzviller inclined boat lift was impressive. Saverne was also very nice.
The Resteraunt at Xouaxange was very good. well worth a visit. I wouldn't go all the way to Strasbourg again, I probably wouldn't go any further than Saverne and then go back the other way.
We loved the new boat vision 4, very easy to naviguate, much space, quitchen very well equiped. In the rooms not enough cupboards. The stairs of Arzvilliers were a new experience for us and of course Strasbourg was a highlight
Strasbourg is a highlight, aspecially the Cathedrale and little France. We recommend to shop food in the little store Douceurs de Rohan in Lutzelbourg, homemade soups, beer, sirups, fresh fruits and vegetables. We visited the brewery Meteor, very interesting.