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The History and Heritage Cruise

Aquitaine, France

Reviews for the The History and Heritage Cruise

Having had three previous cruises with Le Boat we were expecting a wonderful holiday. Unfortunately this time there were no memorable experiences partially down to the poor weather.
Due to heavy rainfall we were not allowed to navigate La Garonne hence there weren't many interesting villages or countryside. Most villages only had one restaurant (mainly pizzerias or cafes) and weren't always open so if you had not stocked up on produce you went hungry! Valence d'Agen was possibly the best town en route but the cafe/restaurant in Damazan was very good.
We were not so lucky with the weather; 4 days rain and 3 days hot. We learned a lot although I can run a ski-boat, tugboats and small cargo-ships, but locks are a good learning school ! Also why it is not good to have two captains on a ship ;-)) Your marriage must be good and stay that after this holiday. We learned a lot of the time that went on a lot slower and the France diners are good.
Don't be in a hurry, especialy NOT at the locks ! Sometime is there current from the side, just when you enter at slow speeds a lock, which pushing your boat in a other direction then you have planned and if you have to much speed this happens with a greater speed too !