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The Three Regions Cruise

Burgundy, France

Reviews for the The Three Regions Cruise

Boat was great. Support at the bases was friendly and helpful. We had an enjoyable family trip.
The best part of our trip to France was the cruise along the Seille and Saone Rivers... very relaxing and great way to see the "real" France at a slow pace. Most memorable experience??? Saving Angelique... a trumpet swan that had fishing lure caught in her mouth and on her neck preventing her from drinking or eating. We managed, as a team effort, to corner her so that we could catch her and try to remove the lure. Because of the barbs in the lure and the lack of appropriate tools, we carried her (all 25 lbs of her) to a vet, who removed the lure, massaged her throat, gave her an antibiotic injection and was kind enough to treat her at no charge. We nursed Angelique overnight and freed her the next morning as she seemed to have regained her strength. Apparently, word got around Seurre as we were asked by a store owner "if we were the people who saved the swan"!
Highly recommend a side trip on the Doubs River/Canal system to Dole - a very pretty little town worth going through a few additional locks. Locks along this route are through a remote control system. We were there on market day (Wednesday) and had a blast! Enjoyed dinner and dessert crepes at "La Demi Lune" but there is a cornucopia of dining choices to satisfy every palate and pocketbook.
That was our first boat vacation, so the whole experience was pretty much memorable. A boat cruise is very different from any other type of vacation. It nicely combines a "resting-nirvana" style when you enjoy a quiet river, the nature with nobody around, and physical activity like hiking and bikes. It also lets you see places like small towns and villages you'd never stop by otherwise.
Sona river is wonderful itself: wide and clean, especially for people that like to swim. There were a few nice little towns on the way as well as bigger Chalon-sur-Saone, Auxonne and Gray. I'd recommend to spend more time in these towns: Chalon-sur-Saone worth staying there, visiting museums and walking around. And Gray is one of the most beautiful towns I ever saw.
The reason for not being excellent was because the charge for fuel used his hidden and is not explained at time of hire. Was well over charged.
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The scenery was beautiful. Louhans has great market on Mon. If you start your cruise on Sun or Mon make sure to visit it. Don't miss lovely towns of Chalon, Verdon, Auxone, and Gray. Actually, every town or village on the route is a gem. If you cruised on the canals before, be aware this cruise is on he river. You cannot stop wherever you want - only at the designated places. Also, there are not bike passes along the river.
Stop at the local boulangeries and butchers, make sure to try foe gras in Chalon. Book 10 days cruise of you want to do a side trip to the canals to visit wineries. 7 days is barely enough to cover straight fronm Branges to Gray.