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East of France

Pamper your palate in the heart of magnificent Burgundy

Famous Burgundy well deserves its reputation for fine wines and gourmet cuisine. Lush vineyards hug rolling hills, and quiet villages invite you to linger. Amidst a network of canals flows the majestic Saône River, the focal point of your Burgundy boat rent in France! This beautiful river ushers you into a world of pleasures, a realm that pleases the senses and soothes the soul.
based on 22 reviews
Great for... 
  • Fine Burgundy wines & cuisine
  • Fishing and picnics
  • Quaint medieval villages
  • Colored roof tiles & architecture
  • Walking and nature lovers

Reviews for Burgund cruises

3 couples on board, 4 of us were boaters, two had done french canals before. Expected relaxation, nice countryside and good food.
all a bit of a pleasant blur really. Stopped at lots of small towns and villages, plus Chalon-sur Saone. Ended up in marinas each night as stopping alongside river bank was difficult ( barge wash plus shallows). There-and-back cruise format was good- on te way back we stopped off either at places we missed on the way, or places we really liked first time. The locks 9only 4 of them) were all a doddle- automatic, big, well controlled water flow.
A family group comprising 3 generations, including 3 pre-teens. We had cruised before with friends in the Canal du Midi.
As the main driver of the boat, I preferred the initial and final sections of the cruise - the Petit Saone and the Seille Rivers, though the larger river, the Saone, offered interesting villages. Our favourite places to stop and visit were Seurre, Tournos and Auxille. We were disappointed that there weren't many places where we could cycle down the tow path, as we had in the Canal du Midi. Places like Chalon sur Saone were too busy for our kids to ride - too much traffic. We did enjoy some delightful cycling at a couple of the overnight stops, such as La Truchiere.
The best part of our trip to France was the cruise along the Seille and Saone Rivers... very relaxing and great way to see the "real" France at a slow pace. Most memorable experience??? Saving Angelique... a trumpet swan that had fishing lure caught in her mouth and on her neck preventing her from drinking or eating. We managed, as a team effort, to corner her so that we could catch her and try to remove the lure. Because of the barbs in the lure and the lack of appropriate tools, we carried her (all 25 lbs of her) to a vet, who removed the lure, massaged her throat, gave her an antibiotic injection and was kind enough to treat her at no charge. We nursed Angelique overnight and freed her the next morning as she seemed to have regained her strength. Apparently, word got around Seurre as we were asked by a store owner "if we were the people who saved the swan"!
Highly recommend a side trip on the Doubs River/Canal system to Dole - a very pretty little town worth going through a few additional locks. Locks along this route are through a remote control system. We were there on market day (Wednesday) and had a blast! Enjoyed dinner and dessert crepes at "La Demi Lune" but there is a cornucopia of dining choices to satisfy every palate and pocketbook.
We had a great adventure and met wonderful people on the way. There were very heavy rains and there first morning the boater in front of us woke us to say the river was over the dock so we started engines, cast off and were underway sooner than planned. After that we stayed at floating docks and no problem with high water levels. The boaters we shared docks with after that were English and Canadian which we found a little unusual in France. Despite the fact that we experienced strong winds that hit the coast and the UK as well we never felt that we were in any danger on the rivers and we have boated for 10 years on the Great Lakes in North America and are familiar with strong winds. The boat handled very well and the locks were enjoyable and not a thing to be feared.
Auxonne, Seurre and Chalon sur Saone, were beautiful, quaint villages and cities, great for walking around and exploring.
We loved the quiet waterways in this region and the easy to operate automatic locks between Fontenoy Le Chatteau and Corre. The countryside in Franche-Comte and the small country villages were most welcoming. The vineyards in the Challonaisse from Chalon-sur-Saone were very special. Having bicycles enabled us to explore the small villages and to visit markets when they were a feature of the days events in the villages we visited. Port facilities were good and generally 12-13 Euros per night for power and water.
The town of Traves was a very special find, and the secluded Marina close to the town was excellent. We enjoyed the town of Gray with its 13th century buildings, and were lucky enough to join a special tour of the buildings and the beautiful theatre. This was arranged by the local Tourist information lady who was most helpful. The vineyards of Mercurey and the Chateau du Vin at Chalon were special features of our holiday. They afforded most generous winetastings of some excellent wines. The Chateau Chamirey was very generous with its time and tastings.