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The Villas and Architecture Cruise


Reviews for the The Villas and Architecture Cruise

Splendid & fascinating. The Casale team was very helpful and friendly even when we made mistakes! Crossing the Venice lagoon was somewhat of a challenge considering the high boating traffic but having positioned three of the "crew" as lookouts made it safe. The entire crew (10 of us) was delighted with the experience !
After the Sile we went to Torcello, Burano,around Murano, Giudecca canal on the South side of Venice, te Brenta canal/river and return;
huge skys cruising with (no sides to the canals) wide open spaces.
the most magical bit was coming into TORCELLO by boat
We absolutely loved this cruise. It's even hard to name what was the most memorable experience, since all the sites we visited were so great. However, the best two places were definitely Venice itself and Padova.
We had a 10 days cruise, which allowed us to visit multiple sites. The following is a list of places we stopped at and we would definitely recommend the same list to others as well: - Casale sul Sile - Islands Mazzorbo, Torcello, Murano & Burano, S. Erasmo - Venice - Brenta Canal (stopped at Malcontenta and Stra) - Padova - Lido di Jesolo - Casale sul Sile