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Surrender to the pleasures of Veneto

The waters of Veneto, Italy, are like two different sisters. Venice bustles with glitz and the action doesn’t stop. But there’s a quieter sister waiting to welcome you on river cruises in Italy, and she’s just as beautiful. Laid-back isles and seaside canals invite quiet times. Rivers thread inland to intriguing cities and towns, rounding out your vacation as you explore and relax!
based on 11 reviews
Great for... 
  • Romantic & historic Venice
  • Beaches & sunbathing
  • Traditional fishing-villages
  • Seafood restaurants
  • Art, history & iconic sightseeing
  • Craft - glass blowing, lace-making

Reviews for Italien cruises

You definitely need boating experience. It was quite hard at times. And isn't ideal for small children. That said, the rivers and canals were beautiful and it was unique once in a lifetime experience. Italy and Venice in particular are amazing.
We travelled through many beautiful areas, Treviso down to Venice and everywhere in between. There are some amazing towns and places to stop.
Great Holiday. It was a way to see parts of Italy the normal tourist would not see. We visited some spots recommended on the cruise, and skipped others. Murano was a special spot as was Caorle due to the history. Of course Venice is Venice, but the massive number of tourists from the cruise ships made it difficult to enjoy. Adding the constant vigil against pick pockets did not make it a relaxing experience. Venice is a "been there, done that" experience for us. It would be helpful to have been told some of the bridge operators speak only Italian and that some of the phone ahead numbers are routed to numerical menus that are difficult to understand if you are not somewhat conversant in Italian.
Definitely spend some time in Murano and Caorle. We were able to tour a "behind the scenes" operation of one of the glass factories and watch the artists at work. And hopefully the waterway guide will include more information on the region east of Jesolo other than the very rudimentary pdf add-on. If you leave near a beach like we do in Florida, skip the seaside resorts for the more historic parts of the area.
Splendid & fascinating. The Casale team was very helpful and friendly even when we made mistakes! Crossing the Venice lagoon was somewhat of a challenge considering the high boating traffic but having positioned three of the "crew" as lookouts made it safe. The entire crew (10 of us) was delighted with the experience !
After the Sile we went to Torcello, Burano,around Murano, Giudecca canal on the South side of Venice, te Brenta canal/river and return;
huge skys cruising with (no sides to the canals) wide open spaces.
the most magical bit was coming into TORCELLO by boat
The lagoon, but sometimes the marked waterway is not useable without problems...
We visited Precenicco, Marano, Grado, Cervignano, Lignano, Grado, Bibione,