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Cirrus A

Reviews for the Cirrus A

Everything was outstanding, its hard to pick out just one thing. I found everything from the service I received from start to finish just outstanding.
The boat was perfect for my wife and I and it was easy to operate and it helped make out vacation out standing.
Staff at the Call Centre and at the hire base were all very friendly and professional. Boat performed well, without any problems, despite not being one of the newer ones.Intend to use them again next year.
The boat was comfortable, quiet and spacious with all the amenities one would expect (plus some extras by way of kitchen items). Fridge, especially, seemed very efficient.
The peace and quiet of the river. Birdlife esp Dippers Heron and Kingfishers. Also enjoyed fishing. Cycling up to St Simon for coffee. Not being under any time pressure.
Excellent boat. our holidays are just the two of us now so the 2+2 was very comfortable for us. I notice most of your fleet are larger craft, I hope you continue to provide the smaller option.
I would again thank you for you wonderful help, it was one of the better holidays of our lifetime and that is saying something given the holidays we have taken. The staff at Port Cassifieres were fantastic, exceptionally helpful and friendly.
The Cirrus is an excellent boat for someone with limited mobility, a couple of the steps down into the cabin are large, but with help manageable. Once inside with everything on the level no further help was needed. The layout was superb for us. The shower and toilet facilities again ideal for someone with mobility difficulties. Going in the front was easier than the back, if a way of 'gang planking' that with wider plank was possible then it would be fantastic. We had a wonderful time and the boat suited us superbly. The staff at Port Cassifieres were fantastic, exceptionally helpful and friendly. It was very easy to manage the locks with just the two of us in this boat, particularly after we had done one. The staffed locks are great and when I told the keepers that I was disabled they were more than willing to help or ask other people to help us. We were able to store my wheelchair easily on board, the only thing that would have made the cruise easier would have been some cushions as it was very hard to get comfortably when I was in pain. We will definitely do another cruise and can happily recommend the Cirrus for people who have difficulties
great holiday, despite the very strong winds which delayed crossing the Etang de Thau. Watching the boat jousting in Agde and Palavas, the amazing and plentiful wildlife, enjoying the historic towns especially Aigue Morte this holiday had lots in it for great memories.
The Cirrus, is a good boat for two people, due to the upper steering position managing locks is relatively easy as the driver can also hold ropes. Although there are two steep steps this boat is also good for those with limited mobility being level for all accomodation. The front and rear entry makes getting on and off the boat manageable if you have walking difficulties. There is also room to easily store a wheelchair at the front of the boat. The toilet and the shower were of adequate size and of good level of equipment.