2021 Holiday Gifts Ideas for Boaters

Here are the 10 essential gifts we recommend for Le Boat travelers in 2022

At Le Boat, we have taken the time to curate a special list of items we think are sure to please the travelers on your list. Perhaps they have already booked their Le Boat vacation in 2022 or 2023 or they are considering one.  Either way, let them know you are thinking about them and give a gift that is sure to take their boating vacation to the next level! Here are the top 10 gifts we recommend for the boaters in your life...


1. ROOTS Rideau Canal Collection

roots rideau canal

Buying for someone who is boating in Canada this summer? Make sure they look the part with our exclusive Roots Canada Rideau Canal Collection, available only at our Le Boat Canada office in Smiths Falls, Ontario. Choose from Rideau Canal Hoodies for men and women, Le Boat/Rideau Canal Tees, and Baseball Caps! If you are in the region, feel free to set up an appointment to shop in our store by calling us at 1-800-734-5491. 


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2. Sperry's Boat Shoes

sperry's boat shoes

At Le Boat we recommend that boaters pack a good pair of white-soled boat shoes for their vacation and when you think boat shoes, you think Sperry. We love Sperry boat shoes because they are designed to prevent slips and falls on boat decks and their timeless styles, for both men and women, are perfect for a summer boat trip.  Pro-tip: White-soled shoes won’t make marks on the boat deck. 


Get them now at Sperry.com

3. Quick Dry Travel Towel

travel towel

When you are planning what to pack on your boating vacation, we always suggest extra beach towels for laying out on the deck. A quick dry towel is even better for boating! We like this PackTowl Luxe Quick Dry Microfiber Towel because it holds 5x its weight in water and will keep boaters dry on their trip!


Buy it now at Amazon.com


4. Sun Protection Hats

sun hats

We can’t stress enough how important it is for boaters to stay safe from the sun. Sunscreen, sunglasses, and sun hats are key. We love these stylish and protective hats from Eddie Bauer and Tilley and so will they! 


Buy this women’s’ hat at Eddiebauer.com


Buy this men’s hat at Tilley.com


5. Soft Travel Bag

soft bag

For those embarking on a boating vacation, we always suggest that they pack in soft luggage, because storage can be tight onboard your cruiser. That is why you should get your boater this No Matter What Duffel by Eagle Creek. This bag is durable, water-resistant, lockable and has plenty of room for everything they need for the trip! 


Find it at Amazon.com


6. Yeti Travel Mug

yeti travel mug

Who doesn’t love a Yeti Tumbler?! They keep coffee warm all day and cold drink colds in the summer. We recommend this versatile tumbler that is big enough for their extra-large morning brew or their afternoon cold pint! A perfect travel companion for the boater in your life. 


Get the Yeti here


7. Rain Jacket

rain jackets

We always wish our boaters the perfect sunny conditions on their vacation, but unfortunately, we can’t keep that rain away sometimes. Make sure your boating loved-one is dry and comfortable in these high-quality rain jackets, for both men and women, from Hally Hensen. 


Find them at HallyHenson.com


8. Pet Life Jacket

pet life jacket

Le Boat is happy to provide pet-friendly vacations for the pet-lovers out there! Therefore, we think this doggy life jacket is a great gift idea for the boating pet owners in your life. This safety swimsuit comes in a range of sizes from small to XX-Large. 


Get it at Amazon.com 


9. Waterproof Phone Case

waterproof phone case

A great gift for most types of travelers enjoying a getaway by or on the water! Help your boater friend keep those memories safe with a waterproof phone case that they can take swimming or kayaking.


Find it on Amazon.com


10. Le Boat Gift Voucher

gift voucher

Last, but certainly not least, give the gift of getaway this year and help make your friend’s or loved-one’s future boating vacation even better, by surprising them with a Le Boat Gift Voucher. You choose the value of the voucher. Perhaps you want to help them add an “Extra” onto their trip or help make their getaway possible by adding an overall contribution. Make their 2022 vacation one to remember


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