Virtual Area and Navigation Briefings

Find out more about your cruising region - pick up hints and tips - ask questions

During these briefings, you and your party can learn more about your cruising area, pick up some top tips and advice about the current cruising conditions, where to go and what to see, and ask questions to our base team who are experts in their cruising regions… all from the comfort of your own home. Your vacation may be slightly different as the world adjusts to life after coronavirus, so we can also use this time to tell you how businesses and attraction in your cruising area have responded – some may still be closed and other may have adjusted their service to keep you safe and to comply with local government advice.


Any members of your party, using their own devices, can join one of the scheduled sessions in the week proceeding your departure. Other groups may be on the same briefing so you can benefit by hearing the answers to each others questions. Its a great way to start your vacation and enables you to start planning before you even arrive.


Germany & Italy

Germany & Italy:  We have large enough indoor spaces where group briefings can be conducted while observing social distancing guidelines, so area briefings will continue to be conducted at the base in these regions. This is especially useful in Germany where additional tuition is required to comply with local licensing requirements. See the 'Learn more about boating'' tab for more details about German licensing requirements.


For Canada departures, area and navigation breifings will take place during your pre-departure call.

Other regions

The briefing will take place in the days prior to your departure and you will be given details on how to join via an email from our base team or during your pre-departure call.