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Vallée de la Loire

Center of France

Explore the scenic Loire Valley

A neighbor of Nivernais, the beautiful Loire Valley presents you with many of the same delights. Stately châteaux, colorful gardens, flourishing vineyards, medieval villages and larger Roman towns all make boating the Loire Valley in France a magical experience you’ll cherish. Stop to fish, take the bikes for a spin, and enjoy Sancerre wine at a café!
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Great for... 
  • Sancerre fine wines
  • Medieval towns & villages
  • Gothic Cathedrals
  • Peaceful & beautiful scenery

Region highlights about Vallée de la Loire

Top 10 secret gems of the Loire Valley

  1. Sancerre’s Tour des Fiefs;
  2. Decize’s Merovingian crypt;
  3. the potters of Nevers;
  4. fort at Châtillon-Coligny;
  5. Châtillon-sur-Loire’s castle ruins;
  6. Montargis’s Hotel de la Gloire;
  7. the Nevers Ducal Palace;
  8. Dignoin’s fishing;
  9. Sancerre’s vineyards;
  10. Charité-sur-Loire’s Pont de Pierre Bridge.

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