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The Jewels of Italy Long Break


Oneway: Precenicco to Casale, via Grado & Venice

Allow 10 to 14 nights

You start off slow, enjoying the resorts as you head to Venice, where you end the vacation with a whirl of delights!

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The Jewels of Italy Long Break overview

Starting your Jewels of Italy Long Break canal boat rent in the Friuli region gets you off to an easygoing start. You savour Italian history and culture in museums and at Roman ruins, and then

you set off south on seaside canals to indulge yourself in beach resort fun. As you reach the Venetian islands, the pace speeds up and ends in a whirl as you devour the delights of Venice!

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Don't just take our word for it...
Had an amazing Holliday. This was our second time doing this route. Would go again.