Le Boat Cares

What Le Boat is doing to protect the future

At Le Boat we care about making our vacations more sustainable for future generations and safeguarding the intimacy of getting away from overpopulated cities and cruising on free waters. After all, if we are to succeed in creating inspiring boating memories and enabling our customers to see the world from the unique perspective of the waterways, it is our responsibility to ensure our cruising regions are protected and preserved at their very best for all to enjoy. 


From our upcoming Green Strategy to our continual collaboration with our industry partners to improve the cleanliness and quality of our waterways, our sights are firmly set on becoming a leading travel provider in sustainability.

And you can help too!  Who's on board?

So far

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  • We print on paper from forests that are certified as having independently verified standards of responsible forest management
  • We continually invest in our fleet ensuring our new boats are fitted with modern engines that are efficient, reliable and comply with the latest emission regulations
  • We help local communities and businesses with promotions and recommendations, bringing a vital source of tourism income to the local areas
  • We respond swiftly to environmental incidents, such as the Canal du Midi floods in 2018, to restore and rebuild
  • We work closely with local organisations who help maintain and protect our waterways to promote their message and help with their work
  • We encourage our colleagues to use our 'cycle to work' scheme
  • Our colleagues dedicate one day every year for charitable or environmental causes
  • We create jobs across Europe including remote areas
  • We encourage and facilitate recycling at our bases
  • We source the items in our grocery packs locally at each base

Our vision

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We know there is a need to do more and we are making plans and developing a strategy to do just that.


Our ambition is to reduce waste, recycle more and encourage our customers to do the same.


We will continue to engage with our industry partners and won't rest until we've improved the cleanliness of all our waterways.


We want to enrich the lives of people in the communities in which we operate, not just exist alongside them.


There are responsible tourism providers who lead in this field. We are looking at their examples for now, but we’re passionate about becoming one of them before long. We're on a journey – we’ll update you along the way.

What you can do

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You can play your part too...

  • Bring refillable water containers with you on our boats 
  • Avoid disposable plastics like coffee cups while on holiday
  • Hire bikes and cycle instead of taking a taxi
  • Be aware of how much electricity and water you use
  • Shop locally
  • Dispose of waste correctly and recycle what you can
  • Check out our page on how best to get to our bases - you may be able to get there by train!