Family cruising on the Thames

Le Boat’s Sustainability Plan

To enrich the lives of our guests and local communities through inspiring travel experiences

At Le Boat, we care about making our vacations more sustainable for future generations and safeguarding the intimacy of getting away from overpopulated cities and cruising on free waters. After all, if we are to succeed in creating inspiring boating memories and enabling our customers to see the world from the unique perspective of the waterways, it is our responsibility to ensure our cruising regions are protected and preserved at their very best for all to enjoy.


We also recognise the urgent nature of the climate and biodiversity crisis we face, and that aspects of tourism are currently contributing to both. Together with our suppliers and partners, we commit to playing our part in reducing our impact and seeking ways in which we can contribute to the solutions required.


Our progress so far

Small business in Capestang, France
  • We create jobs across Europe including remote areas
  • We help local communities and businesses with promotions and recommendations, bringing a vital source of tourism income to the local areas
Eco cleaning pack
  • We work with our suppliers to adhere to a clear set of sustainability standards
Swans in Windsor
Markt op het Canal du Midi
  • We make our customers aware of our easy to adopt 10 Golden Rules to being a Green Boater, which include: conserving energy and water, sorting of waste and breaking waves that can damage banks.
  • We partner with and promote local shops and resturants to our customers, and encourage all customers to shop local and purchase locally made produce.
Smiths Falls Team taking part of Pitch-In
  • We encourage our colleagues to use our 'cycle to work' scheme
  • Our colleagues dedicate one day every year for charitable or environmental causes. In April 2022, our Smiths Falls team chose to take part of PITCH-IN, which is dedicated to the preservation and sustainable growth of natural ecosystems and communities. They managed to get over 25 bags of garbage cleaned up! 
FSC certified
  • We replaced our traditional brochure with our ‘Fresh Perspectives’ Magazine which not only has half the pages, we also produced fewer printed copies than the traditional brochure (70% fewer copied printed in 2019 vs. 2018)
  • We print on FSC certified, paper from forests that are responsibly managed in a way that is socially beneficial and environmentally conscious
  • We respond swiftly to environmental incidents, such as the Canal du Midi floods in 2018, to restore and rebuild
  • We are measuring Le Boat’s carbon footprint in order to set reduction targets.
  • We continually invest in our fleet ensuring our new boats are fitted with modern engines that are efficient, reliable and comply with the latest emission regulations
  • We encourage and facilitate recycling at our bases


What you can do

Fun for the whole family

You can play your part too by following our 10 Golden Rules to being a Green Boater:

  • Conserve water while onboard
  • Reduce speed so no breaking wake on banks. While you are boating, particularly on shallow canals, if you try to go too fast you will burn more fuel but will not go any faster
  • No littering or throwing waste overboard including cigarette butts
  • Be mindful of what you put down the drains/toilet
  • If possible, switch off the boat engine when passing through a lock
  • If you can, turn your engine off when you are moored such as when you are queuing for locks. This will save fuel as well as improving the air that you breath
  • Manage your onboard energy consumption. For example, switch off lights when not in use
  • Support local communities by purchasing local products
  • Separate recycling while onboard
  • Use ECO friendly products.