7 Hottest Travel Trends for 2020

Fresh new decade, fresh new start, fresh new travel opportunities - the year 2020 has so much potential for adventure, and will be the year for travel. If you’re looking for a motto for 2020, it should be “the time is now” – this is your year. So don’t waste it.


This year won’t be the time to put off the adventure or experience you’ve been waiting for, especially when it comes to travel. There have never been so many fantastic options for inspiring and exciting travel, and here at Le Boat, we want your next getaway to be epic.

Le Boat has been bringing customers exciting vacations for more than 50 years on historic and scenic canals around the world. Whether it’s exploring nature’s wonderland on the UNESCO World Heritage Site the Rideau Canal in Canada, cute-as-a-button waterways in Belgium and the Netherlands, or immersing yourself in a medieval experience on the UNESCO World Heritage Site the Canal du Midi in France, Le Boat has your adventure covered.

We’ve been monitoring the latest travel trends to make sure we are providing the hottest vacation experiences around. Read on to discover what trends are coming in 2020 and how Le Boat can help you stay ahead of the curve. 

1. "Second City" Destinations

Cruise right past the crowds for a more authentic experience.

According to Booking.com, you don’t need to visit the “big” tourism cities and destinations you’ve been reading about in your social media feed. 

A new travel trend is to avoid these destinations and instead hit the “second city” destinations - those that are similar, but just a little off the beaten path.

Le Boat is already on pointe with this trend - traveling on canals and waterways in Europe and Canada helps you skip the most touristy travel destinations, meet more locals, and experience the region as it genuinely is. 

2. Group Getaways

According to Luxe Report, more and more we’re turning from couple or solo getaways to group vacations with friends, children, and even grandchildren.

With cruisers that sleep between five and 12 people, you can bring the whole family with you for your next Le Boat vacation without adding exorbitantly to the cost. When you book with Le Boat you pay per boat, not per person which makes it an economical way to travel in a group. 

3. #FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

3.#FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

FOMO is a new trend that’s going to peak in 2020. Thanks to social media, we are seeing more and more of what our friends and family are up to when it comes to travel, and we all want to get in on the action! Le Boat is already part of this trend – our boaters have been posting fabulous pictures of their travels for years, and we love seeing how much fun everyone is having on their Le Boat vacation. #LoveLeBoat!

4. Slow Travel

In an age where information travels at the speed of light, slow is something we have lost touch with, and people are seeing this as one way to reduce environmental impact. According to Booking.com, 48 per cent of those surveyed intend to travel at a slower pace in 2020. Le Boat is ahead of the pack when it comes to this trend! We have been offering a slower means of travel on waterways around the world for more than five decades. When cruising with Le Boat you can immerse yourself in a region according to your own itinerary. This is a chance to relax and get an insider perspective on an area.  Le Boat’s vacations are a popular choice for staycations, no jet planes needed!

5. All-in-One Vacations

Again, Le Boat delivers! In 2020 we will see a rise in travelers looking for vacation experiences that offer a wide range of adventures and attractions. Studies show that the majority of all global travelers choose travel destinations where they can experience all their favourite activities at one time.  This is something Le Boat excels with – Le Boat vacations aren’t about just one experience, it’s a chance to see multiple destinations along a canal or waterway and experience everything from heritage sites, to museums, art galleries, and food and drink experiences that reflect the culture of a region.

6. Pet-friendly Vacations

According to Booking.com, more and more pet owners want to include their furry friends in their vacations, and Le Boat is all in favour of this trend. In fact, dogs are more than welcome to travel with you when you book with Le Boat. This news will be of comfort to those pet owners who consider their furry pooch to be one of the family and don’t want to leave them behind during their vacation. After all, pets need vacations, too! 

7. Culinary Tourism

It goes without saying that culinary tourism is transcending all other travel trends of this decade, and doesn’t look like it will be ending anytime soon. According to the Luxe Report, culinary tourism has moved into a new level, and people are looking for a food and drink experience that is immersive, and will teach them something about themselves and the region they are visiting. Le Boat’s itineraries give you the perfect opportunity for an edible experience in some of the best culinary destinations in the world – from learning to make pasta in Italy to sampling world-class wines in the Burgundy region of France, or savouring authentic European dishes in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, you won’t run out of options for expanding your palate when you cruise with Le Boat.