The most beautiful bridges in France

Bridges are an important part of France, its culture and its landscapes: some are old, practical, mythical or majestic, sometimes in stone, wood, metal or concrete ...

During your boating vacation, you will have the opportunity to cross magnificent bridges in seven French regions: whether you cross by foot, swim undeneath or cruise on top of them.


Read more about the most beautiful bridges in France and come with us to discover these wonders!


Le pont Valentré de Cahors

The Valentré bridge in Cahors

This legendary bridge is a MUST-HAVE during your holidays in the Lot !

Also called the Devil's Bridge, the Valentré bridge in Cahors is an example of defensive architecture from the Middle Ages, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the remarkable bridges in the South of France.

Built from 1308 during the Franco-English wars, it allows you to enter the city of Cahors, but this is possible only on foot. 

It crosses the Lot River in which you can swim to refresh yourself during your holidays: it is therefore an excellent place to mix fun and culture!

Le Pont-Vieux d'Albi

The Pont-Vieux d'Albi

Extend the pleasure of your stay in Aquitaine by joining Albi, just an hour's drive from Montauban. 

Discover the "red city", so nicknamed because of the red bricks making up the facades of its buildings.

Its 150-meter-long stone bridge was built in the middle of the 11th century and rests on eight arches. At the time, it made it possible to connect the populations who lived on each side of the Tarn and to improve the important river trade on the Tarn.

The town of Albi is also a 1h30 drive from Castelnaudary, on the Canal du Midi.

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Le pont-canal du Guétin

The Guétin canal bridge

Located in Cuffy, the Guétin canal bridge allows the lateral canal to the Loire to cross the Allier. Built in 1832 and inaugurated in 1838, it measures 343 meters in length and demonstrates remarkable construction techniques.

It is made of stones and bricks: its 18 massive arches are made with stones from Apremont-sur-Allier.

Located near Nevers, it is one of the largest and most impressive canal bridges in France.

The lock which precedes it is just as dizzying: it measures 9.5m high!

Le pont-canal de Briare

The Briare canal bridge

The Briare canal bridge is absolutely emblematic and metallic: partly built by the Eiffel company between 1890 and 1896, it is majestic and crossing it will give you chills.

It allows boats to cross the Loire, while continuing your navigation on the lateral canal to the Loire and bringing you to the Briare canal.

Its aesthetic is perfectly mastered: 72 lampposts line it, superb pilasters decorated with coats of arms are present at each end and its charm is incredible!

You will literally feel like you are taking a trip back in time ...

Le pont de La Charité-sur-Loire

The bridge of La Charité-sur-Loire

Continue your cruise in Loire-Nivernais and also discover this beautiful bridge at the entrance to La Charité-sur-Loire!

Moor in the small port of La Chapelle-Montlinard and reach the town on foot or by bike, 2.5 km away.

This majestic bridge, built in 1520, spans the Loire and will welcome you at the entrance to the city. The view is magical on either side of the bridge, even before crossing it. It is possible to cross it on foot, by bike or even by car. Cycle and pedestrian paths are present for your safety.

Do not hesitate to get lost in the old streets of the city, to discover the local shops and the typical architecture of the region.

Le pont St Jean de Verdun-sur-le-Doubs

The Saint Jean bridge in Verdun-sur-le-Doubs

A short tour of Bourgogne Franche-Comté for a cruise far from the crowds and close to nature: the ideal destination for family vacations, discovering gastronomy and historical heritage.

Do not miss to visit the very pretty village of Verdun-sur-le-Doubs, about 80km from Mâcon and the ancient medieval city of Saône-et-Loire.

Its historical heritage, its small alleys and its famous pôchouse (a culinary specialty made from freshwater fish) will seduce you during your river cruise.

The Saint Jean bridge is emblematic and will offer you an exceptional panorama on the Doubs. It is possible to cross it but also to navigate below, for an even stronger impression of grandeur.

Le pont Vieux à Béziers

The Old Bridge in Béziers

Embark on a holiday along the water on the Canal du Midi , a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Navigate in complete serenity far from the crowds, to the city of Béziers, capital of Languedoc viticulture. 

Its Old Bridge, built on the model of Romanesque architecture, allows you to cross the Orb, with a sumptuous view of the old town and the Saint-Nazaire Cathedral.

Listed as a Historic Monument since 1963, it is made of stone and measures 241 meters, with fifteen uneven arches.

Les plus beaux ponts de France

The Orb Canal Bridge

Let's stay a little in Béziers to discover another spectacular architectural marvel: the Orb Canal Bridge!

It was put into service in 1858 downstream of the 9 locks of Fonseranes and allows the Canal du Midi to cross the Orb. Its crossing aboard your boat without a license is majestic and will remain engraved in the memories of young and old.

It has been listed as a historical monument since August 29, 1996. Comparable in size to the large Guétin canal bridge in Cuffy on the lateral canal to the Loire, it is one of the largest canal bridges in France.

Le pont du diable

The Devil's Bridge

The Devil's Bridge is not a bridge to be able to navigate. We present this bridge to you because it allows crews who love nature and places to retreat to admire the hinterland of the Montpellier region, during your river cruise in the Camargue . Stop off for a day during your cruise or extend your stay in the region, to explore a wild and unspoiled nature, north of Montpellier.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and in Romanesque style, it spans the Hérault river (on which you will sail for a few meters near Agde) and offers you a breathtaking view of the Hérault gorges. The beaches of the Devil's Bridge are ideal for swimming and relaxing, offering you a one-day break during your river getaway. It is located near the town of Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert, classified among The Most Beautiful Villages of France and not to be missed!

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Le pont du Gard

Gard's Bridge

The Pont du Gard will amaze you! Just 40 minutes from our Le Boat base in Saint Gilles , extend your stay and do not miss this aqueduct bridge built by the Romans in the 1st century AD.

It is truly exceptional and grandiose due to its extraordinary dimensions, but also because it is one of the best preserved Roman remains in the world. The figures make you dizzy: 49 meters in height (the tallest Roman aqueduct in the world, just that!), 3 rows of superimposed arches and nearly a thousand men for this colossal site completed in ONLY 5 years ! 

The visit of this masterpiece takes place at any time of the year and will delight the whole family: park in an equipped car park, buy your entrance tickets and let yourself go to the visit of this spectacular site. Don't forget your swimsuits and then take a dip in the Gard!

Le pont d'Avignon

The Saint Benezet bridge or the Avignon bridge

Extend your visit to the region a little longer and reach the city of Avignon, city of the Popes.

 This is the ideal getaway for a taste of Provence and enjoy the songs of the cicadas: visit the intramural city of Avignon, surrounded by ramparts, including the Palace of the Popes of Avignon, the largest Gothic palace in the West.

During your visit, do not miss the Saint-Bénezet bridge, more commonly known as the Avignon bridge, and hum the famous song dedicated to this historic monument and known throughout the world!

Built from the 12th century and classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, it once linked the two banks of the Rhône with its 22 arches. Unfortunately, it only retains 4 arches today and therefore it is no longer possible to cross it. It remains nevertheless emblematic of the region and one of the most beautiful bridges in France.

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Le pont Valentré de Cahors


This year, discover the beauties of France during your vacation. Let's explore our beautiful country and the architectural treasures it hosts to be amazed!