Netherland's King's Day

King's Day 2017

King's Day 2017

On April 27th, King’s Day will be celebrated in Holland. King Willem Alexander will turn 50 and there will be parties all over the country and in the canals - turning the country into a giant street party! Amsterdam will host 5 official parties and a lot more. The parties include Loveland van Oranje Festival, Oranjebloesem, Kingsland Festival, Nassau Festival and the Urban Music Festival! Amsterdam Boat Parties will be organizing a King's Day Cruise on the IJ with a 600 capacity party boat.

Be in the action

Be in the action

Are you going to the celebration? Please note that public transport, including taxis, will be limited in the city center of Amsterdam and most canals in Amsterdam will have one-way traffic only. There will be more rules for large boats in the city center and no more than one bottle of beer per person allowed!

During that day you may join one of the free markets, free festivals with professional street performers, drum bands, DJ’s, opera singers and more where ever in the country. Even the smallest villages in the Netherlands are celebrating the King’s birthday.

King's Day

When you are in Hindeloopen, you might go to Sneek where the party starts already on the evening of the 26th with concerts. The places you will need to check out: Stadhuistuin, the City center, Grootzand, Markstraat en Kleinzand.

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Should you start your boating cruise in Vinkeveen, join Amsterdam or Utrecht for the biggest events or smaller villages like Nigteveen or Weesp.

The Dutch King’s Day starts on the evening before, it’s the so called King’s Night. On the official day, the 27th, the King’s family will do an official visit to Tilburg (Brabant region).


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