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Our top recommendations to explore on two wheels

Hiring bikes for your cruise allows you to explore beyond the waterways. With flat towpaths alongside most of the canals, cycling is an ideal way of keeping fit, having fun and collecting your morning baguette! Cycling also allows you to cover extra distance and explore villages and attractions that may be a bit too far to walk. While all of our regions provide an opportunity to cycle, the Canal du Midi is an especially terrific area to take advantage of your wheels to see even more! And in Holland, cycling is a way of life. The national passion for cycling makes it easy to explore on two wheels, and the flat landscapes and cycling routes make it easy to enjoy a day out!

Holland & Friesland, Netherlands

Cycling in Holland

Cycling is almost a "national sport" in Holland. Come here to discover a welcoming country with a great culture and gastronomy. Discover Amsterdam, a beautiful city where everyone owns a bike, moor in the colored Spakenburg, and visit the numerous monuments of Muiden.

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Canal du Midi, France

Cycling on the Canal du Midi

Along the pretty and shining Canal du Midi, you will have the opportunity to take your bike as long as you want. Follow the verdant banks, cycle under the trees and enter typical villages and cities like the medieval Castelnaudary, or discover the huge stronghold of the thirteenth century in Carcassonne.

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Brittany, France

Cycling in Brittany

Enter the historic Brittany and discover its rich patrimony made of castles and churches, various gardens and typical Breton houses. Come in this warm region, taste its particular seafood gastronomy, and anytime, cycle along the beautiful Canal de Nantes à Brest and observe the numerous impressive Castle along your way, like the pretty one of Josselin.

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Aquitaine, France

Children pushing bikes

Take your bike to discover this pretty and historic region gilded by the sun. You will enjoy riding around the verdant vineyards of Buzet; or maybe you will prefer going aside the refreshing lake of Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Grave and cycling in the nature.

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Mecklenburg & Brandenburg, Germany

Cycling in Germany

Cycling along the canal banks of the Müritz Lake is the best way to explore the surrounding nature. Take a ride near Waren or Röbel to enjoy the scenery and peaceful moments.

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Burgundy: Nivernais & Loire, France

Cycling in the Nivernais and Loire

Nivernais is a beautiful region known for its rich gastronomy. Here, you can cycle at any time along the pretty canal banks. Between Decize and Tannay, the wonderful and preserved pond of Baye, thanks its easy cycle paths, is perfect for peaceful tour.

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