Waterways and lock closures

Boating vacations rely on waterways, and even during boating season navigation may not always be possible. Disruption could be caused by a lock or bridge needing maintenance, or there may not be the right level of water to safely navigate.

Please be aware that our Base teams are expert in their cruising regions. They will also be happy to provide up to date advice on the best cruising conditions and suggested itineraries on arrival and during your cruise. With the safety and enjoyment of our Customers in mind, we may sometimes advise against navigation within a certain part of the cruising region where local conditions may be challenging at that specific point in time. Conditions continually evolve so it is not always possible to inform you of relevant conditions in advance, however please do use the information below as a guide to the current navigation restrictions in place in our boating regions.

  • On Sundays in April and October locks and bridges will be closed which may restrict how far you can cruise on these day.
  • Lock opening time from 19th May to 18th June: Monday to Thursday 10am-4pm, Friday to Sunday 9am-7pm and Victoria Day (22nd May) 10am-4pm.
  • Lock opening times from 19th June to 4th September: Monday to Thursday 9am-6pm, Friday to Sunday 9am-7pm, Canada Day (1st July) 9am-7pm, Civic Holiday (7th Aug) 9am-6pm and Labour Day (4th Sept) 9am-6pm.
  • Lock opening times from 5th Sept to 9th Oct: Monday to Friday 10am-4pm, Saturday to Sunday 9am-5pm, Thanksgiving Day (9th Oct) 10am-4pm.
  • We recommend booking early check-in and late check-out for 3 day short breaks departing before the 19th of June and after the 5th of September.
  • Due to a public holiday on the 1st May, locks will be closed which may restrict how far you can cruise on this day.
  • Please note that the Moselle River will be closed between 12 June 2023 until 21 June 2023. Navigation North towards Nancy (including Toul) will not be possible during these periods.
  • Please note that due to the current high water level on the Rhine River, navigation has momentarily been stopped from the lock at Boofzheim, up to lock 80 at Krafft.
  • Due to a public holiday on the 1st May, locks will be closed (except on the Baïse river) which may restrict how far you can cruise on this day.
  • Please note that the 2023 season will close on the 29th of October in the afternoon. As this date falls on a Sunday and the base will technically be closed on this day, customers will still be able to drop off their boats.
  • Please note that a portion of the Canal de Nantes à Brest, between Guenrouet and Nantes, will be closed for maintenance in 2023. This means you will not be able to reach Nantes via waterways.
  • There are no current restrictions.
  • Please note that due to maintenance works, it is currently only possible to navigate and cruise North from Tannay. Therefore one-ways between Decize to Tannay, or from Tannay to Decize, will not be possible until the beginning of June 2023.
  • Please note that between the 15th of April 2023 and the 2nd of June 2023, the I’ÎÎ Brûlée Lock will be closed and one-ways between Migennes and Tannay or Migennes and Decize via the Nivernais Canal will not be possible. If departing from Migennes, Monéteau is the last place you will be able to reach heading south. If you wish to visit Auxerre, it is an 11 minute taxi journey from Monéteau, or 25 minutes by bike. Customers departing from Migennes can combine a cruise to Monéteau with a journey northwards to Joigny and/or Sens. If you are cruising from Tannay, you will not likely get as far as Auxerre – unless you are cruising for 10 nights or more.
  • The Nourriguier Lock is closed for maintenance works until further notice. It is not possible to reach Beaucaire from St Gilles by waterways.
  • It is not currently possible to navigate The Canal de la Robine past South Narbonne to Port la Nouvelle.
  • Due to a public holiday on the May 1 and Nov 1, locks will be closed which may restrict how far you can cruise on these days.
  • Some businesses and restaurants along the canal close on or after Nov 1.
  • Access to moorings in villages along the Charente will be limited in 2023 while the waterways authorities make repairs to quaysides in various locations along the river. This means that access to waterside services, such as electric hook-up and water will also be less frequently available. While mooring facilities will still be available in the larger towns of Cognac and Saintes, customers may find it necessary to moor and overnight along the river bank a little further outside of some other villages where quaysides may be closed. There will be no facilities available in these locations and a walk back into the village might be necessary to access restaurants and amenities.
  • These works are also affecting the Le Boat moorings in Jarnac, resulting in reduced capacity of boats that are allowed to be moored with passengers on board. As such, it will not be possible to moor overnight at our base in Jarnac at any stage during your cruise, unless otherwise agreed with the base team. On the last night, to ensure you are within easy reach of the base, customers should seek alternative moorings in either Bourg-Charente, which is approximately 45 minutes cruising to the east of Jarnac (including 1 lock to pass through) or along the river bank on the west side of Jarnac Lock - which is approximately 25 minutes cruising from our base (including time to pass through the lock). Customers looking for a wider choice of restaurants should choose the latter. There is a very nice Michelin-rated restaurant in Bourg-Charente, but it is quite expensive. Locks on the Charente are manual and passable from sunrise, so customers should still have ample time to return and disembark their boat by 9am.
  • Please note that due to scheduled maintenance work at St Gery lock, the Douelle base will be closed from the 1st of October 2023.

  • No current restrictions
  • Please note that due to maintenance works, one-ways between Casale and Precenicco will not be possible until the 3rd of July 2023.
  • Before April 16, locks and bridges in Amsterdam and Vinkeveen will be closed on Sundays which may restrict how far you can cruise on this day. Locks and bridges in other areas will operate upon request, please contact the waterway authorities the day before for any required opening.
  • The lifting bridge in Ouderkerk is undergoing repair and will be out of action until further notice. While it is closed, navigation will not be possible up the Amstel river and all the way to Amsterdam (or in reverse). Customers wishing to complete a circular route via Gouda and up to Amsterdam, would need to take a longer route via Leiden and Lisse. However, we would recommend taking our most popular route along the River Vecht, to avoid this closure altogether. The base team can give further details during your pre-departure call.

Need help?

If any of the above information affects your vacation please do contact the team to discuss the options that are available to you 1-800-734-5491