Pêche en lac


Our top boating recommendations for catching the big-one

Europe’s well-stocked rivers are a haven for both rod and line anglers! You can troll while you’re underway, cast from the banks when your boat is moored or even rent a dinghy and outboard motor so you can reach the most secluded spots. A number of our river destinations offer the dinghies for rent, and most of our bases sell fishing gear. Our base teams are happy to tell you the best places to cast your line, and they will help you with local permitting requirements.

Rideau Canal, Canada

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The entire length of the Rideau Canal boasts world-class fishing, with plenty of peaceful inlets and expansive lakes for the budding angler to enjoy. A particuarlar favourite spot for locals is the village of Newboro, which has been one of the major centres for fishing on the Rideau for over 120 years.

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Shannon & Erne, Ireland

Trout fishing

Head south from our Portumna base into Lough Derg, a spectacular stretch of water and probably the best in Ireland for fishing, with huge shoals of quality bream, roach, hybrids and big pike. The lough is huge – over 25 miles long – and aboard your boat your will have the pick of the swims.

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Caledonian Canal, Scotland

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Before heading north, linger in Loch Lochy where no fishing permit is required. Loch Lochy is traditionally good for wild Brown Trout but escaped Rainbow Trout can also be found in the loch as well as good sized Pike. Next, head north to fish for Ferox, Brown Trout, Sea Trout and Salmon whilst enjoying the magnificent scenery of Loch Ness.

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Charente, France


The pretty River Charente is tidal for some distance inland and is a good habitat for large specimens of carps, pike and perch. There are also bream, roach and bleak here and Mullet also comes in from the sea. In May and June shad swim up river to breed. For a change, the sea fishing off La Rochelle is excellent. You can go fishing at night, even during the summer months to catch conger and skate.

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Lot, France

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The River Lot is slow and deep making it an ideal habitat for pike, carp, black bass, the European catfish (silure) which can reach significant weights, as well as other coarse fish. Catfish of up to 10 or 11 kgs are not uncommon and much larger ones have been reported. Because the banks of river are often steep and covered in undergrowth a boat is the best place from which to fish.

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Mecklenburg & Brandenburg, Germany

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As soon as you arrive in Marina Wolfsbruch, you have the possibility to fish around. A good occasion to try to catch the different perches, carps and pikes here, as you enjoy your cruise among the numerous natural landscapes of Germany.

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