Go Boating with Confidence

To give peace of mind to our customers with existing bookings, and those who wish to make a new booking, we have introduced NEW flexible rebooking terms for the 2020 season. 


If your booking is directly affected by Covid-19…

If you are unable to travel, or your holiday is prevented from going ahead for any of the following Covid-19 related reasons, you can change your booking free of charge up to the day of your departure. If you don’t want to rebook immediately, you will receive a credit note for use towards a future holiday in 2020 or 2021.

Applicable reasons are:

  • We have confirmed we are unable to operate your holiday as local government restrictions prevent us from doing so.
  • A border closure prevents you from leaving your home country or reaching your destination country.
  • Your home government, or the government of your destination country has imposed covid-19 related restrictions on movement and travel, which apply to you or members of your party, and prevent you from travelling.
  • Your home government, or the government of your destination country, instructs you not to mix with any members of the party with who you planned to travel with.
  • A member of your party displays symptoms of coronavirus in the weeks prior to your departure (see below question ‘What should I do if I, or a member of my party, feels unwell PRIOR to my holiday?’)
  • You are instructed by the authorities to self-quarantine after your return to your home country.

Please note: For any of the above restrictions to apply, they must be confirmed to still be in place on your date of departure. If restrictions are in place with no definitive end date, to make a free-of-charge amendment to your booking, your departure date must be less than 4 weeks away, otherwise our standard amendment fees, terms and conditions will apply. 


If the above reasons don’t apply, but you still wish to amend…

If your booked departure is before 31st July 2020 and you want to change your booking for any reason (whether it’s for one of the above coronavirus related reasons or otherwise), you can do so free of charge up to 48 hours before 2pm of your booked departure day. If you don’t rebook immediately, you will receive a credit note for use towards a future holiday in 2020 or 2021.

If your departure is on or after 1st August, then you may still change your departure date to later in 2020 or into 2021 and our standard amendment fees, terms and conditions will apply. 


Coronavirus FAQs

Exisiting bookings

Please call us on 1-800-734-5491 during office opening hours (Mon to Fri: 8:30am - 5:30pm ET / Closed: Weekends) and remember you must notify us by phone of your wish to amend or cancel at least 48 hours before your departure date. Call volumes may be higher than normal and we thank you for your patience. If you booked through your Travel Agent, please call them directly.


If your vacation is not longer able to operate because your base is unable to open, we will be in touch with you, as and when we know your departure is affected.

Click here for more details about which boating regions and travel dates have been directly affected.

If your new vacation is cheaper, outstanding credit will be held until October 31, 2021 for you to use against subsequent bookings. If your new vacation is more expensive, you will need to pay the additional cost. We will explore all the available options with you and try our best to find a vacation of similar value.

If you wish to cancel your booking before your balance is due, we will retain your deposit for use against a future booking.


If you wish to amend your departure date to a later date (no later than October 2021) – your balance due date will be recalculated based on your new departure date.


If you wish to keep you booking in place so you can decide later on whether to amend or cancel, you must pay your balance in accordance with our usual terms and conditions. You may then subsequently decide to amend or cancel, in accordance with the above policy, if you wish.

We are constantly monitoring government advise and restrictions on movement and travel, both here and in each of our destinations. Because of such restrictions, we have had to delay some departures, either because we are unable to open our bases, or because customers are unable to travel. Bookings that are directly affected in this way will be subject to our Go Boating with Confidence Policy (as detailed above) and we will contact these customers directly.


Click here more details about which boating regions and travel dates have been directly affected.


For bookings not yet affected, our Go Boating with Confidence Policy still applies, but you should contact us if you wish to amend your booking, or if you wish to cancel and receive a refund credit.

Restrictions on movement and travel, as well as other measures in place control the spread of Coronavirus, are constantly being review and updated in each of our destinations.  We advise you to refer directly to the State Department travel advise about how Coronavirus is affecting your booked destination. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/traveladvisories.html


You can also find out how our bases and departure dates are directly affected.

We take the safety of our customers and colleagues very seriously and we have carefully reviewed and adapted the procedures at our bases to ensure we can operate in accordance with strict social distancing and safety guidelines. We have also enhanced our cleaning protocols to ensure our bases are cleaned more regularly and that our boats are thoroughly disinfected between each use. We call this our Covid Safety Charter. For more details about everything we are doing to keep you safe and prevent the spread of coronavirus, visit our Covid Safety Charter page.

The safety of our colleagues and guest are of paramount importance and we are doing everything we can to prevent the spread of coronavirus at our bases. We must ask our customer to assist us in our efforts. As such, if any member of your party starts to display symptoms coronavirus symptoms (see below), within the 7 days prior to your departure, they should not travel to our base. Similarly, if any member of your party is in contact with anyone displaying symptoms within 14 days of departure, including anyone that is alerted by a mobile tracing app, they should not travel to our base.


If this means you need to amend or cancel your vacation in accordance with the above policy, you may do so right up to the day of departure. Please call us as soon as you know. 


We would consider coronavirus symptoms to be:

  • a new continuous cough
  • fever/high temperature (37.8C or greater)
  • loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste (anosmia)

A new continuous cough is where you:

  • have a new cough that’s lasted for an hour
  • have had 3 or more episodes of coughing in 24 hours
  • are coughing more than usual

In the event that you or a member of your party begin to display coronavirus symptoms (see below) during your trip, please isolate all crew members on board your boat and contact our base team who can advise the most appropriate and nearest source of medical advice. You should make arrangements to return home as soon as feasible. The base team will discuss with you if, and where, you should navigate your boat to. The base team will arrange a postal check-out with you to prevent any contact with other customers and our colleagues at our base.


From the time you leave your boat, we will calculate the cost of the unused portion of the vacation in full 24hr increments and retain this as credit which you can use towards a future Le Boat vacation.


We would consider coronavirus symptoms to be:

  • a new continuous cough
  • fever/high temperature (37.8C or greater)
  • loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste (anosmia)

A new continuous cough is where you: 

  • have a new cough that’s lasted for an hour
  • have had 3 or more episodes of coughing in 24 hours
  • are coughing more than usual

It is your responsibility to check and conform to any relevant guidance and measures that are in force to help keep you, our other customers and our team safe. These may include government travel restrictions that prevent you and your party from being able to go on your original cruise as planned.


If you are traveling internationally, please ensure you keep checking the latest government travel advice to confirm there are no specific travel restrictions or self-isolation requirements which are confirmed to be in place on the date of your departure. 


Regardless of where you are traveling from, you should also keep checking the latest local advice and guidelines for the country you are cruising in. There may be requirements you need to prepare for or restrictions that prevent you and your party from going on your cruise together. Le Boat has also implemented special measures and procedures in accordance with government guidelines and it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself the measures that our outlined in our Covid Safety Charter and ensure you prepare and act accordingly.


If you are affected by any Covid19-related restrictions and you are unable go on you cruise as booked, don't worry as our Go Boating with Confidence Policy will apply. Please contact us so that we can discuss alternative options with you.


As we are sure you can appreciate our phone lines are extremely busy at the moment, so please bear with us whilst we support customers with imminent departure dates.


If you would like to discuss a vacation that departs within the next 4 weeks, or you have any other concerns or questions about our 'Go boating with confidence' policy, please feel free to contact usIf your existing booking departure date is not within the next 4 weeks, please consider contacting us nearer to your departure date.

New bookings

Yes - our 'Go boating with confidence' policy applies to all new bookings, as well as existing booking, so you can continue to book with the confidence.

We are delighted to finally say 'YES' to this question. Most of our bases are now open (click here for our expected opening dates of those bases that aren't) and we are so pleased to give our customers the opportunity to enjoy some much-needed time away - to explore the great outdoors once more and spend some quality time together with friends and family, who they may not have seen for some time. And a boating vacation makes for the perfect post-lockdown escape.

Read our blog to find out why

Le Boat is the market leading provider of boating holidays across Europe and Canada, and we have been successfully operating for more than 50 years. We also have the security of being part of Travelopia, the world’s largest collection of specialist travel brands, and we have the full support of our owner KKR, one of the world’s largest global equity firms. We are in a very strong position.



A message from our Managing Director, Cheryl Brown

There is no doubt the recent months have been the biggest challenge that Le Boat, and the travel industry as a whole,  has ever faced. The uncertainty, the disruption, the financial impact and the profound affect it has had on customers and colleagues alike have all been unprecedented. 


However, at Le Boat we are very fortunate to have excellent domestic and drive-to destinations which means we are able to resume our operations a lot quicker than others, particularly those travel operators who exclusively operate overseas. And our holidays make for the perfect post-lockdown getaway, allowing our customer to avoid busy ports and big cities. Our waterways meander through beautiful countryside and tucked away villages where there’s the freedom and space to keep a safe distance from others, while reconnecting with friends and loved ones who we’ve been parted from for so long. 


The Le Boat team have been working tirelessly these past months to prepare our business to reopen as soon as we are able to. We have reviewed and adapted our operations to ensure we can safely deliver amazing vacations in the new ‘post-Covid’ world we will shortly find ourselves in. We’re ready to welcome customers to our bases where new social distancing measures have been put in place. A completely revamped pre-departure process will reduce the time spent in our reception areas and our new cleaning protocols will ensure are bases and boats are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected for the safety of our guests and colleagues alike. This means our guests can relax with peace of mind and get on with enjoying their much-deserved vacation.  


And I’m delighted that the first ‘green shoots’ of recovery are beginning to appear. Our bases in Germany are now open and will be welcoming customers from 25th May.  I am very optimistic that our bases in our other regions will steadily follow suit throughout June and July as the governments of our other regions begin to ease restrictions. 


And I am delighted that we have, at last, been able to open most of our bases  and welcome customers back to the water. 


These have been challenging times and I’d like thank my wonderful Le Boat team around the world for their hard work and fortitude. And my thanks also go to our lovely customers for their understanding and patience. There’s still a long way to go, but there’s at least light at the end of the tunnel and we’re motoring our way towards it.